WD Live Hub Playback Issues

I have been having problems with playing any videos on the WD Live Hub. I transferred most of the content fro my hard drives and DVD unto the internal storage of the WD Live Hub, When I try to play them the shut off after about 2 minutes or so. Some play almost half way through but becomes pixelated and skips after a while. I connected an external drive to the Live Hub and all my content plays flawlessly without any problems. Now when I try to move the video content back that I had  moved to  the Live Hub on to an external drive via the network, the videos now have the same issues that they were having on the Live Hub. They played perfectly fine before I transferred them. I really messed up by moving the files instead of copying. Could the internal Live Hub drive be defective or could it be the transferring of files via the network caused a problem due to a bad cable? Some of my content are original videos that I cannot repurchase or download so I am very stressed right now.

It would help if you told us what kind of network you are using, wired or wireless? If wireless, is your adapter one on the approved list? Never use the Move instead of Copy command, especially over a network. It sounds like your files may have gotten corrupted in the transfer. I rarely get clean transfers to/from the Hub over the network. I prefer to transfer large amounts of files with an external drive since almost all my movies are full-res BD rips. If it is just 1 or 2 I use a 64gb thumbdrive. Sorry for your loss.

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I have a the Live Hub on a wired network. It seems like you may be correct, all the files I have transferred seems like they are now corrupted even when I moved them back to their original location. I should have connected the external drive via USB to the Live Hub instead of transferring. I can still play the videos on my PC but with a lot of freezing. It is so frustrating.