WD Live Hub networking speed

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I’ve read a number of topics in this forum about the networking speeds and have the following question.

I purchased the WD Live Hub the day before yesterday and connected it to my wired gigabit in house network. On the site of WD it specifies that the WD Hub has a gigabit ethernet connection that will say 1000 megabits per sectond. All my computers have gigabit networking cards and when I transfer laarge files between the computers I achieve sppeds around this figure depending on the hard drives in the computer. When I transfer a large file to the WD Hub I achieve speeds of around the 100 megebit/sec , approximately one tenth of the speed.

Is there a reason for the lack of speed?

The hub has got a gigabit port but the speed is held back internally. It appears to be more of a marketing gimmick.


Thanks RichUK  for your answer.

It would be appreciated from WD if they give true information. The hub as stated on their website may have a 1000mbs ethernet port but if it only works at 100mbs (at best) totally misinforms the public who purchase their products.

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Well, I would say that very few devices that have a Gig Ethernet port actually have that kind of throughput.  Even though they may operate at that speed, so it’s all a matter of relativity…

I have seven devices on my home network that have Gigabit Ethernet ports; one of them is a 6-core 16 GB Ram  Linux workstation , and *it* can’t even do more than 600 mbit/sec on a good day… :wink:

To Tonyph12345

Thanks for your reply.

In your reply you state that you get a throughput of 600mbs. (75Mbs). I do get faster throughput on a machine. I do have a Tbase 1000 HPProcurve router though.

Eventhough it is still a huge difference between the (max) 100mbs achieved with the WD hub. ie 600% difference. Normally on a network you dont copy very large files and the speed doesn’t count as much. Media files are a different kettle of fish. 5Gbyte mkv files etc. Instead of taking 12-14 minutes to transfer a file it would only take a couple of minutes.

Regards Tony