WD Live Hub network issue on internet download


I have a problem with my WD Live Hub.

I have the HUB connected on the network and on PC I have mapped this new drive. The downloads from torrents are saved directly on the WD Live Hub drive. For a few months I saw that all the files downloaded are corrupted , for example if I download “rar” files , some of the archives are corrupted. If I download mkv files , when I try to watch them they are also corrupted.

I have changed my network to 1000 Mb/s but the problem is still on.

If I download the files to my PC and then manually copy the files to the WD Live Hub , everything is ok , but the point is to download the file directly on the WD drive.

The download speeds are not higher than 2 Mb/s so it should not be a problem with the speed on the HUB.

If someone had this issue before please advise how to solve it.   

Could this be a HDD problem ?    

I had the same issue and you can find some posts on this topic in this forum.

I was downloading torrents via a computer directly to a drive on my LivePlus. I had some issues and when I did some further investigation and ran the checksums i realized that many of the files I had downloaded were corrupt. This was confirmed when I had utorrent recheck the the completed files and many of them were not 100% completed (due to file corruption). I could not find any answer to this issue and eventualy just started downloading to a computer and then moving the files over to the liveplus afterwards without issue. Due to these issues I did not even try this when I upgraded to a LiveHub. I just continued Dling to the computer first.

I would recheck all your downloads via the checksum file in something like Traders Little Helper. Those that are corrupt, move them to your download computer, reload the torrent file and point it at the new file location. Recheck the file and then you will know what percent of the file you actualy have. You can then finish the download or delete the file completely if you no longer want it .

Not a good answer, but certainly a problem. I have had this issue with two different torrent clients on different computers so assume it is the way the WD boxes write the files to the hard drive that are being downloaded. I have never had any corruption issues copying files to WD boxes so possiby something do with the speed of the download writing to the drive?

Good Luck


Ok, it might be that the program that you are using to download your torrents does not handled saving to an external device that well, I was using Bitcomet and was saving directly to a USB drive, 80% of the files ended up corrupted, I got tire of this and started to save to the internal drive, no more corruption.

Thanks a lot !

First I thought I was crazy and I am doing something wrong->I tried many things : changed the torrent clients, changed the network router and network speed , tested with many downloads , update firmware …

I want a solution to this problem but I’m not sure I will find one so now I’m very disappointed.

I still have some questions : the problems appeared only after some months after using the WD Live Hub , so what happened all of the sudden ?

It’s possible that something happened to the hdd ? A solution could be format hdd?  

Since several of us have seen the same problem I would say why take the risk? You are using a different computer to download the torrents anyways, just save em local and copy em over. I cannot recall if i always had the problem or it came after a while, but the frustration of finding corrupt torrents and having to recheck my entire library was infuriating and easily avoidable by saving them local. It did change my habits though. I now check the checksum file once the download is finished, and then again once I copy it over to the WD. Better to know immediatly than find out later.

As for why, I was guessing it has something to do with how slowly the download is writing to the wdbox and keeping the file locked open. As I have never had this issue when copying the same files across my home network that was the best guess I could come up with.


Hello. I always save my download to a local drive as well. I found out about this problem well before I started using the Hub. You can never be sure 100% that a downloading file will save properly if sent to a networked folder or external drive. Cheer!