WD Live Hub - NAS and Sync Capabilities?

I’m seriously considering the Live Hub to Centralize my Media Files, but have a few questions about the NAS and the File Sync Capabilities.

1.  Can I  use it to Back up and Share All File Types between PCs and Laptops, or is it limited to the Supported Media Files only.

2.  Does the Sync Function do all Files in a Folder and is it Bi-directional ?

3.  Can it be setup to Sync Multiple Folders on Multiple PCs.

  1.  It can store and share ANYTHING.    Now keep in mind that the performance isn’t stellar, but it may accomplish your needs…  Most people get about 100 megabits per second in and out, whereas a purpose-built NAS can do 2 or 3 times better than that for about the same price.

  2.  No, it is FROM a NAS TO the HUB.   Not bidirectional.    I’m actually not sure if it will do EVERY file in a folder, but I think so.

  3.  I don’t know.  I’ve not tried that.

Thanks Tony.    Speed isn’t really critical,  but I do want a Media Player.   $200 for that and 1TB sounds pretty good.

When you say Sync from a NAS to the HUB,  can I consider a Share on my PC to be equivalent ?   But I still wonder if all files or just Media.   It sounds like they may limit this to just Media Files.   Think I’ve also seen some Free or Cheep Sync Apps.