WD Live Hub - Issue accessing network share

Hello all.  I have 2 WD Live Hubs in my home connected to my home network.   Both have static IP’s and are visible from my home computer.   The problem I am having is one of the devices is not visble on the network when the unit is turned off and the other is visible.   I can copy movie files to the one turned off just fine but on the other one I need to physically power on the device in order to see it on the network.  I looked at all the settings to see if something can be changed but was not able to locate anything that could cause this issue.   Has anyone had this issue or can point me in the right direction to resolve?  Many thanks and Merry Christmas

Hi and welcome to the WD community.

Try to reset the unit and see if this helps fix this issue, also make sure that you can ping both units and see if you can get a response.

Here is a link that might help with the reset process of the unit:


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Thank you for the reply.   I will try and reset the device.   I am not able to ping the device when it is turned off.   The other WD Live Hub in the bedroom can be pinged when on or off.    I will let you know the outcome of the reset procedure.

The other WD Live Hub in the bedroom can be pinged when on or off

If you can ping it… then it’s not " off" it’s in " Standby" state.  (which switches off Audio/Video Ouput … but the device’s hdd and network is still On)

Press the Power button on the Remote Control “once” for 1 second, then it’s in Standby

Press and “Hold” the Power button on the Remote Control for 5 seconds or more … for a Complete Power Off

Are you using the Geniune WD Remote on both ?  (or 3rd party, like Harmony remotes ie. a Harmony remote may be powering down the Live Hub completely at a single press, while the WD remote won’t)

3 “Power States”

ON             =  Front LED ON,  Picture and Sound ON, Network and HDD access is ON

STANDBY =  Front LED OFF,  Picture and Sound OFF, Network and HDD access is ON

OFF           =  Front LED OFF,  Picture and Sound OFF, Network and HDD access is OFF

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I think you nailed it with the Harmony Remote issue.  I didnt think about the extra time it must be sending the off command.   I will power it down with the regular remote and see if the same problem happens.   If it works out than I need to figure out how to shorten the off pulse with the harmony.  At first glance I only see options for delay to next step.   Thank you all again for your fast responses.

I control my WD TV Live Hub  (and other TV-related bits and pieces) with a Harmony Remote and the solution that worked for me was just to remove the WD box from the Harmony altogether – my WD box just stays on almost all of the time.  The internal drive and the external USB drive both spin down after some delay so the actual power drain is tiny.   And - for my configuration of 1000’s of movies and TV episodes - the startup time for the WD box is way too long to be convenient.

I do have rare glitches where a complete reset/powerdown of the WD box is necessary, but only very occasionally.

Good Luck