WD Live Hub HDD Format?

I’d like to know how may I watch  big-file-movirs  - more than 4 Gig per file? If the filesystem of the internal HDD of WD Hub is FAT there will be limitation of file size. And I will not able to store big-size file there…

One more detail - I have Mac-PC and if I’ll reformat internal Hub’s drive into NTFS I may face a problem of connecting Mac to NTFS as they are not very good friends…

Any solutions? 

The internal drive is NTFS. 

Shouldn’t be any problems with Mac formated drives.  See THIS

First as has been said its NTFS, secondly you cannot format it via your MAC as it is not user removable, thirdly it has its own format program built in. As you can only connect via a network then the NTFS / Mac thing is not a problem.