WD live hub hard drive

does anyone know what sort of drive the WD live hub has in it? is it flash or an actual spinning hard drive?

It’s an actual hard drive and can only be replaced by the exact same model and capacity of WD drive.

It appears that some people have replaced their drives with another manufacturers plus it does not have to be the same capacity. The difficulty is getting the correct size for the case.

This the WD drive fitted - WD Blue.


That’s the first I’ve heard of that. From what I’ve read the internal controller will only recognize the same WD hard drive. If there’s a hack to be able to use other larger drives, that would be awesome.

There is a post in this thread that says a seagate drive has been used. I don’t know if its to do with a firmware update.


Too bad he only installed a 60gb drive. There’s no point in replacing the stock drive with a smaller one unless it were to fail. I’m guessing the controller hardware/firmware will not be able to partition a larger drive properly, even a WD Blue Scorpio one if it were available. My 3tb Hitachi connected via USB is working fine, for now.