WD Live Hub - General Understanding and some frustrations


I admit to being a bit new to this but I have been working with this product for a month with completely random results.

I am using DVDFAB 9 to rip DVDs and BRs. Output is .mkv with no compression. I have as ‘vanilla’ setup as I could.

The first results were great… all movies played, good sound. but…

as I added more and more movies to the hub (all are stored locally to the hub) random things started happening. (I also upgraded to firware 3.10.09) Now some of the movies so not play at all: spinning orange arrow of death = reboot to fix.
 This applies to movies ripped as mkv and movies using the copy function with DVDFAB.

When the movies do play…some of the audio will not work. (I’m using the optical our for audio and HDMI for video.)

I have worked throught the content issues - my solution: Go through each movie’s diretory and rename the files to movie.mkv …how stupid is that, but the hub can’t use IMDB and although I’ve tried a third party scraper (Media Master) manual renaming is the only thing that has worked.

I know there isn’t much specific data here, but I just want to know if anybody has any useful information that would help: i.e. Which settings to use in DVDFAB (Compression isn’t an issue as I plan to add a NAS device.) But which audio and video settings work…absolutely!

and finally is there anybody out there with one of these things that really trully works that would take a little time to answer some questions for me…before I take the hub out behind the woodshed and introduce it to my 8lb hammer!

Thanks in advance.


As per your last paragraph: I’ve felt the same way several times but stuck with the Hub and am glad I did. This link I’m giving you was one of the three best things to have helped me. The second was this forum’s search box. The third the members here. Great bunch of people!


Confised I too have the same issue. 

All was fine until I added MKV files.

If you search for similar issues you’ll find it goes back years and to earlier models.

Add MKV and then watch the Hub stall and go round and round with orange circle, with only option to reatsart and everything is fine until it inevitably stalls again.

So, unless WDTV comes up with a software fix, this is the way it’s going to stay.

Get your sledgehammer ready…

I really appreciate your time…and not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I have been over the manual with a fine tooth comb. While it is very useful - since the WD is not intuitive at all - it is not very specific about how the device handles the material that is stored on it. i.e. 

  1. The best file format -that provides that most fuctionality with the device.

  2. The best file structure.

     for instance directories by Genre or Title or…???

  1. MKV ripped DVDs make three files, but copied dvd create copies of the original VOB files so…one big directory is impossible. AVI ripped DVDs make one file.

      All this should include the ‘attached’ metathumb and jpg files as well

  1. And for crying out loud which file creates the thumbnail picture on the menu? Does it have to be the first file in the dir? Does there have to be a corresponding metathumb file?

  2. Why is there a separate directory structure headed by the .wd_tv dir for the thumb files?

  3. Every firmware update wreaks havoc on the 'playabilty of SOME of the videos. Some work and some don’t. WHY?

There is plenty more…but my fingers are tired. I have spent weeks with this thing - I just should have sent it back - my bad, but I and anxious to get it to work now…a battle that my wife has bet me I won’t win.

The WD Live Hub has all the potential I need: an easy way to connect a DLNA NAS (plus some internal storage on the WD) to my Home Theater (which is essentially an ethernet to HDMI connection). Unfortunately it is underpowered, poorly programmed, and imbued with EPIC fails when used.

So…if there any answers out there (see above) please help. I don’t have much hair left!



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  1.  I use MKV almost exclusively.   Never had the issues you describe.   I also use DVDFab – been using it since Version 6.

  2.  To keep DVDs whole, I just use DVDFab to native ISO.  Otherwise I use the ISO in Handbrake to make MKV files.

  3.  ??

  4.  The WD by default will choose the first “metathumb” file in the folder to represent a folder itself.  If you don’t like that behavior, you can change the extension to “.jpg” and then add a “folder.jpg” to represent the folder.

  5.  There’s a file cache in there for some of the dynamically resized files used in various other UI elements.  Makes it faster since it doesn’t have to resize files on-the-fly.

  6.  I have no idea.  Don’t have those issues – my files play fine all the time.

Look… if i can, i tell WD to give my money back…

I have a TV live hub… and…

  1. Some movies don’t play sound.

  2. Always give me conflict with muteki m5 and audio from movies.

  3. is Toooooooooo slow to cach movies in memory to play.

  4. For mp3 playing is a sh…t. It sounds horrible. Really horrible.

  5. When I play “abbey road” (golden slumbers, carry that weight, the end) that become togheter one and other, TV live hub keeps loooooooong time to pass to another mp3, when in a hifi player i haven’t any trouble with them. End of one, start instantly the other… But in TV LIVE hub takes so looooooooooong. So, i want to throw it to any wall i have near…

I don’t want it any more. Totaly disapointed. I want my money back if there is a chance.

i don’t know what’s happening with WD…

Not only TV LIVE HUB is a [Deleted]. I had to change TWO WD caviar black 1 tb because had bad sectors. The last one, give me 84 bad sector 3 weeks after bought it. They were new. I lost all my data.

Thank you for your answer…

Perhaps some of my problems with the WD are related to the way I am putting files on the device. You said that you are using DVDFab…

Would you please share with me the settings that you use for DVD and Blue Ray?

I would like to have the higest possibe resolution (1080p) whenever possible. I have to say that 720p looks pretty good anyway, but if I can get 1080p and don’t have storage issues then that is prefereable.  Everything in my home theater is connected via HDMI.

Are you using the Full Disk or Main Movie choice, Copy or Ripper,  and where do you choose ISO

Which audio settings do you use: Remove HD Audio? Remove DTS?

I guess that all these settings can be selected and stored in a profile…can you give me some direction on how to do that? ----Yes I have spent some time on the DVDFAb site…and somewhat helpful.

I have cleared up most of the WD issues, thank you…still some remaining…orange arrow of death…

…but would you please spend a few more minutes helping with DVDFab - even tho’ this isn’t the DVDFab place. I am sure others would benefit from your experience.

Thanks in advance,

A little less confused…

I don’t do anything special – pretty much keep all the default options.

I rip DVDs as-is to ISO (it’s the disk icon instead of the folder icon next to the destination)

I rip BD’s as Main Movie and keep all english audio and subtitle tracks.

In other words – I never use DVDFab to modify the contents’ tracks – they’re all passed-through As-Is.   

I use Handbrake when (and if) I want to create MKVs with further compression.

I use MKVMerge when I want to make MKVs without any further compression.

Again…Thank you for your time and continued help. One last issue I’m having:

The spinning orage circle of death!

The movies play with sound, I have the thumbnails all figured out, directory structure ok…but now I am plagued with the spinning orage arrow of death.

This is the issue: Choose movie, press play, orange circle starts as WD Live Hub finds and starts movie and then…

the circle stays frozen in the middle of the screen as the movie plays. In addition the thumbnail and movie title remain on the screen (on the bottom of the frame). And the WD stops responding to the remote control…OH and I forgot to mention that the hub will not even respond to the power button on the front as this point.

…so just a few bizarre things remain.

Oh…I am running the latest released firmware.

Thanks in advance


Personal preference perhaps, but DVDFab 8 looks and works a **bleep** of alot better for me than version 9.

I use DVDFab for creating .iso files and aside from a scant handful of movies it refuses to read properly I have had absolutely no issues with any of the files. I’ve been using .mkv lately, mostly for TV Shows, simply using MakeMKV - it’s very fast and I don’t trust how DVDFab is displaying the disc contents for individual selection.

I have had some clocking issues accessing the media library, but I think it’s simply the amount of data on the box now.  

Are you access the box remotely at all when this happens, copying files or anything like that?

I love the concept of the Hub but it is horribly under powered, the way the database is managed is peculiar and should be able to operate with only read permissions on a file share.

I use MakeMKV and I have the same ongoing symptoms of freezing and no response wihout  rebooting.

I have tried all posted solutions here without success.

I now have my Hub on an electronic timer. It restarts afresh every morning because I know the orange spinning circle will be the first thing I see if I don’t power it up ‘from scratch.’

Thanks for the reply and contribution.

That is a good solution for regaining control of the HUB…but the HUB itself is still unable to play the media. The orage circle remains on the screen, with the thumbnail and progress bar at the bottom, and it is stil unresponsive to the remote.

I am, for some reason, committed to figuring this out. Hopefully the community will take note and provide their feedback. It would be wonderful if WD, or their employees would weigh in on these issues. I don’t want to open a flood gate of unesesary critism. I would just be happy to get this resolved, enjoy it, and provide the user community with a more information.

Thank you,

I take a slightly diferent approch.  I run 24/7 except during stormy weather.  Also, I prefer to have the media library turned off.  I turn it on after adding videos, so I can download the media info and clip art.  Then I turn it back off again.

To find my movies location, I have a folder with copies of the clip art from each movie.  Any that are not .jpg (the .metathumb) I just rename the extention to .jpg.  Also.I use a renamer, to append _01 for my number 1 drive and so on.

When done I have a folder with a .jpg to match each video.  I have this folder on my laptop, tablet and even on the WD. (in the photos area)(last resort, but it works)

The ML lets you search in more ways, but I find apha is my most used path any ways.

On your pc or tablet, you can speed through (scroll) those files very fast watching just the file name and if you click on them it loads the art with the enbeded info.  As your ML grows, it slows down, not just the searches, but load times as well.  I have a mixed bag with iso, mkv, avi, and some mp4.  All work fine for me.  I rolled back to 3.08.14, some time ago.

Hope this help with your delay time, Dan