WD Live Hub Doesn't Retain Video Output Settings

Trying to see if I’m doing something wrong here…I have bunch of 1080p and 720p movies. I set the device’s Video Output (the first option under Setup/HDMI) to 1080p 60 Hz. Everything is fine. I may then switch to watch a TV show on my satellite and the next time I go back into the WD Live Hub, the Video Output has reverted back to 720p… I’ve tried rebooting the device, but the behavior doesn’t change: swithcing from the Hub to regular TV and then back causes the Video Output settings on the Hub to change.

Any idea? Running latest firmware, yada yada yada…

The WD’s HDMI drivers are a bit buggy for some people (myself included.)

Though mine will retain the setting I give it 90% of the time, it will occassionally change to 720 as well.

It has to do with how the WD is interpreting the EDID data from the HDMI display.

I have this touble on 1 of my hubs, it did do it on my other but after replacing the HDMI cable it now works, (probably  coincidental)?

Not sure but if after watching a 1080 film and then watching a 720 the setting shows its set to 720?

 I have also seen my setting at 480 after watching a DVD ISO, it alsmost like the system cannot re-configure itself to a high rate once lowered?

My HTML settings are set to auto but even maually setting them it still screws up!