WD Live Hub displays movies in 16X9 most of the time


I’m new here and having a problem with my HDTV live hub. I love this machine but it seems to display a lot of my movies in 16x9 screen. I have a 46 inch Samsung TV and I hate only seeing a portion of the screen being used when I’m, watching movies or tv shows  from the Hub. I’d like to be able to see the movies in full screen as much as possible.  Firmware is at 3.04.17 and I’m using a HDMI cable from Hub to TV.  I was wondering if going back to older firmware might help this problem.

I should add , that when I plus a USB drive directly to the TV the movies play in full screen.

Any help would be appreciated.

Make sure the Aspect Ratio setting is correct in the AUDIO / VIDEO settings:   Set it to NORMAL if your TV is 4:3, set it to WIDESCREEN if it’s 16:9.

Is your Samsung TV 4:3 or 16:9?

If it’s 4:3:

   16:9 movies will be letterboxed.

   4:3 movies will be full screen.

If it’s 16:9

   16:9 movies will be full screen.

    4:3 movies will be pillar-boxed

I can’t imagine why the same file being on a USB disk would be any different than if it came from any other source…

Thank you very much. My Tv is 16x9 and I had the aspect ratio set to normal. When I changed it to widescreen all is good. I really appreciate the help.