WD Live Hub compatible w/ Denon AVR-3312ci?

The subject line says it all.  I can play my WD Live Hub music files and view all my photos with the new Denon, and I can play all my ripped BDs–but the latter with NO sound.  I am using M2TS files.  No matter whether It’s DD or DTS or PCM, I get no sound.

If anyone has experience with this receiver, I’d appreciate your feedback.  I replaced a Denon 2211ci with the new AVR.  The former played great!


Well, I figured it out, no thanks to the manual!  I had to use the BD HDMI input for the WD Live Hub.  Now the Denon plays all the different formats; e.g., DTSMA, DD, PCM, etc.  I connected my Sony BD player to the DVD input, and it plays everything.  The difference in inputs probably has something to do with the ripped BDs.  Anyway, I’m loving my WD Live Hub AND my new Denon avr-3312ci with 165 Watts per channel and 7.2 surround sound with TWO HDMI outputs-- and it’s network connected!  I get Pandora and a host of other internet radio stations.  It also can see my Hub and my PCs, etc.

Have a good one, guys.

Hey I have a denon AVR-3310CI and have plugged the hdmi into the denon selected audio output on the WDTV as via HDMI only but cant get DTS-HD Master audio with the HD Audio light, only comes up as DTS SURROUND. any suggestions?

I see you have multiple posts for this, one of them being an idea.

The WDTV Hub cannot play DTS-HD, it will downcode it to DTS only.

I think it was something to do with licensing, there are a few threads on the subject here.


ok so im guessing that the people at wd dont have any plans to allow dts-hd anytime soon? I dont see why when products like the xtreamer prodigy black will play it. anyways thank you for your help