WD-Live Going Back To The Store

I owned an EVA8000 media streamer. I currently own an Egreat M34A media streamer. I just bought the WD-Live unit for the upstairs. This unit falls woefully short of my other streamers. My DVD collection is converted with Handbrake as MKV AC3, AAC audio. The audio and video are out of sync. They play perfectly in my other players. My Blu-ray collection is converted to mp4 using another program and there too the audio is out of sync and of course the other streamers play perfectly.

The remote has no provision to move incrementally through the program by 10% increments as do the other streamers. To expect a viewer to fast forward through an MKV forever to get to a certain point is ridiculous. 

when converting the bluray to MP4, which is the best format for best picture picture quality?


I used MainConcept Reference to convert the m2ts’s to mp4. This is a high level program. This should be a slam dunk for any competent media streamer to play. What am I implying here??