WD Live Gen3 loses network connectivity

I like to download files directly from a computer connected to my network to a WD Passport drive connected to my WD SMP, which has a Wifi connection to my home network. I have 2 WD Gen3s, and one of them can always be seen from my computer, while the other can only be seen after it is rebooted. The settings on both WD SMPs are exactly the same (other than the name). I have given both devices static IPs, but it doesn’t seem to help. Any ideas?

You could have a weaker Wi-Fi connection at the WDTV that is giving you a problem. Check signal strength at that location. If OK, swap one WDTV with the other to see if it is the unit causing the issue.

I have two of same units as well. Wired one is fine, but wireless one has issues whenever router is rebooted, etc and I have to restart the wireless WDTV to be seen again. It would be OK if I could connect it wired, but I can’t.

It’s not my Wi-Fi connection. It’s 1 floor directly below the router. I have no trouble streaming 1080P HD video.

I changed one setting in Operation, that was different in my other SMP. I disabled the Sleep setting. I hope that works.

I’m also finding that the attached WD Passport drive sleeps after not being used for a half hour. I can ping the SMP, so I know that it’s being recognized by the network, but it takes several minutes for me to wake the drive over the network. Is there any way to disable Sleep in a WD drive that is attached to the SMP?

Personally, I want drives that go into sleep mode in 5-10 mins attached to my equipment; especially connected to a WDTV which may be off more than it is on each day and overnight. Some of my drives have a fixed setting, and others have a user-adjustable setting through drive software. I would check the online user guide for the drive you have to see what is possible, if anything.