WD Live Duo Update - Mapping Drive


This is my first post so if there is any information required please let me know

After updating the firmware last night, I am not able to access any of the shares on the network drive. I can’t map the shares because each time I try to remap the shares, I have to put in the password, which I never set. I basically cannot access the network drive using the Windows Explorer (get the 0x80070043 error => The network name cannot be found), I can still pretty much access the drive using dashboard

Here is what I have done before posting the question

  1. restarted the drive using dashboard
  2. shut down the drive and then restarted the drive using dashboard
  3. restarted the computer and then tried remapping
  4. changed the name of the network drive and did the three steps

BTW, I can still access the drive and pretty much do anything using the WD2GO app (stream music, open files etc.)

I am using Windows 8 x64 with media centre (was using the same OS before updating)

Before last night I was pretty much able to do evevrything I wanted with the drive

Help will be appreciated

Check if the workgroup name in the WDLD is the same as the Win7 Computer


  • Settings
        - Network
            - Workgroup
  • Win 7

Start Menu

  • Right Click on Computer, Select Properties
     - Advanced System Settings
     - Select Tab Computer Name
     - Click on the Change button
     - Select Workgroup under Member of

yes, the workgtoup name is the same on both

Check under Control Panel - Network and Sharing Center - Advanced Sharing Settings if “Network Discovery” is turned on

And after starting your computer it can take up to 30 minutes for the WDLD to become available under Network but mapping should be available " instantaneous"

Another thing what you could try to do is map a network drive not by name but by ipaddress

not like this \wdliveduo\public but so \\public  <— Names and Numbers in RED are just examples