WD Live Duo - Offline Update

Hi All,

I’m having a issue updating my Live DUO via the web GUI.    we hvae a proxy server that requires authentication, so the update fails when searching for the file.

Is there a location I can download the lastest Firmware  and do a manual update?

Thanks In Advance.



Welcome to the WD Community. 

At the moment through the WD Support the only option to update the firmware is through the UI. 

Unless some of the users on the community can provide you a downloaded version, you will need to disable the proxy to update the unit and then set that up again

Hi, I’m unable to remove the proxy as its a corporate environment.

So, there is way to get the .deb file and do a manual update?

take the MBLD home or somewhere else where it has no proxy connection to the internet. Then do the update.

24/7 dept,  they would kill me! haha  

How hard is it to put up a link to the **bleep** file?  there used to be the ability to do offline updated :frowning: