WD Live Duo 2x2TB - Backup software does not recognize drive/shar​es


Please help me.

Wether WD SmartWare nor Windows backup recognizes the Live Duo for backups. The drive/shares simply not appears. What am I doing wrong. The drive is setup normally. Share are also visible and usable in the Windows explorer.

My configuration:

-Windows 7

-Latest driver and software for Live Duo

-Disks mirrored

Could someone help me. English, german or french language.

Thank you


Have you tried a power cycle or drive reset?


Thank you for the advice.

Unfortunately your hints was not successful. Still no change.

As previously said, the share I manually mounted are visible in the Windows Explorer. Should the WD Live Duo itself also be visible? Is this mwaybe the reason for not beeing detected in any backup software?