WD live Dolby TRUEHD Hesitating sound and DTS-MA no sound via 1.3a gold quality HDMI


       I get no sound with DTS-MA and Hesitating sound with TrueHD with several m2ts containers,  I try with 1.3a gold HDMI and 1.3b HDMI with the same issues. My receiver cand decode perfectly dolby trueHD and DTS-MA.

I’ve using the last official firmware 1.02.21.

Any idea ??

Thank you very much. :wink:

You don’t have to post your question in more than one thread.

As I said elsewhere, DTS-HD is not supported by the Live (or any other media player – DTS only wants blu-ray players to be able to play that and thus will not license it to anyone else).  Usually there is a non-DTS-HD core that will play, but it depends on how the file was authored.  What did you use to create it?

Sorry for post two times,

        I’ve readed that can extract the DTS-MA  (main core 1510kbps) and play it fine, and by the other way how about dolbytrueHD ???.