WD Live doesn't play web videos

I’m trying to use my WDLive like a chromecast sending web videos from youtube but expecially from other websites to my WD Live using my android smartphone and webvideo caster app. This app recognize my WD Live but when I try to send a video to it seems that the player start (I have a black screen with the player skin on bottom) but the video doesn’t start. How is possible to solve this problem?

Easy, buy a Chromecast … from $35 RRP

Thanks Joey… I want know if is possible to use WDLive like a chromecast because has miracast function…

Miracast on the WDTV is pretty dodgy and unreliable is my experience

WDTV Miracast and Chromecast are different …

eg (1) Miracast on the WDTV “Mirrors” what’s playing on your Phone / Tablet
Chromecast “Casts” the stream to your TV

eg (2) … with Chromecast you can “Cast” a Stream and then Power OFF your Phone/Tablet and the Chromecast will continue playing the Stream

eg (3) Miracast on the WDTV … in comparison, Power OFF your Phone/Tablet, then it Stops/Kills the Stream to your TV

last eg (4) Downloaded “Pacifc Rim” Full Movie FREE from Google Playstore … play’s fine on my Chromecast … WIll Not Miracast to the WDTV

Lot’s of varying user compatibility reports with WDTV “Miracast” here …


Remember … WDTV Support Ended 2014 (Well, that’s when the last Firmware Update was available)

Chromecast is still supported and updated regularly (last time i looked anyways)

$35 Chromecast is pretty cheap compared to the headache medication required when dealing with WDTV Miracast