WD Live does not read my WD 1TB MyBook anymore?

I downloaded about 15 movies as a test to see if these two would work together & at first no problem very happy with all results.

I unplugged everything from catheter & the TV, next day plugged it all back in & now nothing…

I have the latest firmware & the HDD reads & plays fine through my PC, triple checked the connections, hooked them all up in different orders & still no luck.

Any advice would be great…Thank You

With the drive unplugged from the Hub, try a reset by holding the reset button for 4 seconds, which is located at the botttom.  You may also reformat the drive and retry.

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Ok…so I ended up reformating the external hdd & put one small video file on it & tryed again before your response, & it worked…

I will try the reset first if it happens again so I don’t have to keep wiping the hdd clean & re~downloading movies on it, cause it takes so **bleep** long…but one thing I noticed when I unpluged the hdd & hooked it to my pc, their was a file folder on the hdd that said WD live or something to that nature & it was where all my movies were placed. I have know idea how or why it was their but it deleted it & after the reformat & second try on the WD live it ended up on the hdd again.

Sorry its so long but, what & why does it create that folder? & do I need to worrie about deleting it or just leave it be, kinda no harm no foul?

Lastly…is the reset/reformat something that is a common type fix if this happens again? Or should I just get another hdd that is 100%, I would think if their both WD products they should work together, but maybe that’s just wishfull thinking…

Again Thank you for your time.