WD Live does not detect media servers all the time with new firmware 2.01.86


  The upgrade went fine for me however now the WDLive has trouble detecting any media servers (Tversity and WMP). It is a wireless connection to Win7. Sometimes restarting the media servers work other times a reboot of the PC will work (ie they can be seen/detected by the WD Live TV) Sometimes it takes 10 minutes before any media servers show up. The media server are seen on my phone(Samsung AllShare) but not on the WD Live TV so it’s not the media servers.

I went back to 1.16 and everything is fine - the media servers are detected straight away with no issues.

Anyone else seen this issue ?? I’m sure it’s the firmware as the rollback to the previous version works fine

Your network is remembering the previous setup, not the newest.  So, if you have the new firmware installed, it is best practice to 1) reboot the home network, PCs and devices and 2) reset the WDTV to factory defaults, restart and reconfigure what you need to change to the way you had it.  Be sure your modem, router and then main PC is back on in this order.  Then boot up devices like WDTV.  This enables your PC to be the Windows master browser.

So I did a factory reset and the same issue is still  there - ie the WD Live does not see any media servers or it takes 5-10 minutes to detect them

OK, you did a factory reset, but did you reboot your entire network?

You could be having a master browser issue.  I’ve gotta think about that.

Or, you could be in the same boat others who put on the latest firmware are having.

Just to double-check:  are you talking only about Media servers, or also Network shares?

I don’t use network shares so i’m talking about the media servers (WMP and TVersity in my case)

I have rebooted everything. Note that if I reboot my PC then WDlive seems to detect the media servers straight away

Is there a reason you don’t use Network shares?  I, and many others here prefer to use network shares, because in the case of ISO files, they can not be streamed via Media server; only via Network shares.  Also, when using media server, the equipment serving (pushing) the media needs to do the decoding and heavy lifting.  In the case of Network shares, (pulling the media from source) the WDTV does the decoding and heavy lifting.  Basically, I don’t even use Media servers – too limited and problematic.

The fact that you need to reboot your PC to get things right again does indicate to me your have a master browser issue.  Have you explored that as a possibility?

I listen to streamed radio (DI.fm) and as wdlive does not support streaming from a URL (it’s a subscribed service)  I have to use a media server (Tversity). - This is the one downside the WDLive - in these fourums it’s been mentioned before and WD say it’s can’t be done… Anyway getting off track.

There are 2 ways to fix either reboot the PC or wait 5-10 minutes and hopefully it detects the servers.

I have also noticed that when the WD live says it cannot find the source and asks if I want to change the source if I select yes and choose media servers then I don’t see any. If I then hit the “X” and choose the media Servers option again it may then show the media severs (not all the time but if I keep doing it it does find them fater a few minutes. If I see no media server and don’t do anything then it seems to never find the media server.

Also this normally happens when the PC comes out of sleep (ir the WD live is off the PC is in sleep) wake up the PC turn on the WDLive.

I’ve gone back to 1.16 again it it works just fine.

I’ve not looked into the master browser - I only have one computer in the network - not sure how to investgate that.

Thanks for for your time and expertise

Glad to know things are working well again. 

Re: the master browser – all one needs is one PC and one WDTV to experience master browser issues, so if the problems persist it makes sense to explore master browser.  BTW, the master browser is a Windows “traffic cop” for a network, and the PC should be the master browser, but when it is off/asleep the WDTV can take over and that is when problems can arise.  Rebooting can rectify things again.

So my solution is not to upgrade - hopefully it will get fixed in the next release

Thanks for your help -