WD live disconnects after a half an hour or so. HELP! Desperate!

For the last 3 weeks this WD live disk is keeping me busy. My setup is like this:

WD live 3TB disk
Time capsule router
Several IOS devices

Now, on my iMac, the disk works almost all the time. I can upload, download and so. But I can connect to the dashboard only after a fresh restart of the WD disk. Then after approx 30 minutes it can’t find the disk on the I padres 10.0. Etc.

Same as my iOS devices. In the beginning it all works fine, en the unexpectedly, it can connect anymore and says the file is no longer available. But I can still see the documents when I go to my iMac!

I’ve been trying to make the IP address static, add the IP address to my time capsule so it reserves the IP address for the WD disk. I’m lost now. Is there anyone with a clear mind who can help me?


Change the ethernet cable first, then if you’re still that then do a factory reset (erases data), then with the drive clean run a diagnostic on the dashboard. If it’s still that slow after a factory reset then that’s a sign the drive is going bad and you should replace it.