WD Live connected to a Marantz NR 1402

I can’t seem to get any audio from my WD Live thru the Marantz NR 1402 to my speakers.

First I tried to connect the WD to the NR1402 with an Hi Speed HDMI cable.  Then the same cable from the NR1402 to the 2012 Panny Plasma.  No audio

Then I tried HDMI from the WD to the TV and an Optical cable from the WD to the NR1402.  Still no audio.

If I just connect the WD to the TV, the audio plays thru the TV speakers so I know the files are good.

Tearing what little hair I have left out here.  Help please.

Have you used that receiver with a different device?

Media player is good

TV is good

HDMI cable is good

I was checking into WD knowledge base and they don’t have a list of compatible receivers for the WDTV live. So I guess it should be compatible…

The only thing that you can check is testing the receiver with a different device through the HDMI connection.

Just in case, you can try a factory restore on the media player.