WD Live changing files to 0 bytes

I have the same problem: NTFS Disk 1TB Samsung, which will copy movies from myUbuntu 11.04 and these movies copied more than 3GB is truncated to 0kb. The problem occurs since the last firmware. I should do? Where I download a previous version of firmware. Thanks for any help.

I used to have the problem but it now appears to have abated. I now eject my usb drive before disconnecting both on the WDTV Live and on the PC. I still keep a backup of my media files. The problem of  always being asked to scan the device by Windows 7 has also stopped since I started ejecting.

Thank you, i will try it.

I had no files being reset to 0 but I could neither delete files nor add new dirs to the drive. Only after I properly ejected the drive manually, I could access it normally from my computer.