WD live can't see folder of NAS drive

All my computers can see  the shared maps on my Iomega Drive NAS (SMB server).

except the WD live.

WD live can see the NAS drive but not the maps. WD live says “no media in current folder”

How can I solve this problem?

I did make the last driver update,

I had the same problem.

Try this:

goto setup, network setup. 

switch auto login off

then login to your NAS with user, password

switch on auto login

sorry you’re tip is not working.

It seems that the WD live it not seeing the maps on the NAS drive. All other computers in mij network does.

Any luck?  I have about the same problem.

Bump… I’d be interested in a solution.

Is the folder hidden?  (it may have a “$” at the end of the name, or be marked as hidden int the NAS config).

If not, it’s most likely a permissions issue…

disable the browser computer services from your computeur