WD Live Box does not play any movie file types

My WD Live box is now 14 months old, just past the warrenty

Last night it stopped playing any movie file types; MKV, AVU, MP4

It can browse fine and find files, but just an arrow circliing in the centre of the screen for over an hour if I try to play them.

I have rebooted, and reset to factory settings. Still movies freeze up when trying to play.

This happens with Network Shares and a local USB stick.

I have updated the firmware last night.

I did manage to get a couple of movies to start this morning; but the are always the first movie tried after I reboot of the WD box. Any movie attmepted after that has the same issue reoccuring.

Has anyone come across this before?

My WD Live Plus just did a New Firmware update tonight and now all of the MKV files are not working, so it is most likely the same problem that you are having and has to do with the new Firmware update. You can down load the prefious update on your computer transfer to  a USB thumb drive and revert back to the last revision of the firmware. Make sure that when the WD tries to Auto Update that you tell it not to do it, and you should be fine. Thats what I am going to do with mine. I had this happen about 3-4 updates back, and by reverting to the firmware 1 previous, it fixed the problems. Hope that helps. Thomas

Thomas, did this work for you? I have tried with no luck? I have downloaded update  http://download.wdc.com/wdtv/Rollback_wdtvliveplus_release_1.06.16_B.zip 

extracted to a thumb drive as instructed and my WD player does not recognize an available firmware update? I go to settings and I don’t see the folder for the firmware update? Any advice? Of course no answer from WD support on my email support ticket? 

i loaed the newest .34 update couple days ago and it is FLAWED.  I can barely do anything with it.