WD Live and WD Hub, re-booting

This latest version, and the last, both have the same probrom, but not two back.

I created a library of all my pictures, 39,000 + pictures.

Picture play well in the media library, except for random mode. Once I change the play mde to random, the Media player will play a few pictures, then reboot.

If the library is small, it does not occur.

I think this has been reported as an issue.  You may take a look in the Issues board, if is not there you can report it as an issue.

I’m happy to have found this thread. I was desperate.

Bought the device a couple of weeks ago and  having this kind  of issue since the beginning.

I updated to the new firmware the first time I ran the device, now I’m seeing it was a mistake.

I tried all possible changes in the configuration of the device, like turning off the USB HD, the network, activating/deactivating the multimedia library and so on, trying to sort out the root of the problem, with no success.

The system  reboots just after a couple of songs or a few minutes of slideshow.

The unit even reboots after 10 photos or so of the Picasa internet service slideshow.

It doesn’t reboot while an internet radio is playing though.

My media library is quite large too, and I often select a high level folder to randomly play some music/photo

So a possible connection of this issue with the shuffle playback mode looks like something that deserves to be explored, because I’m using the random feature all time, so  I’ll try some experiments this evening.

Yesterday I experimented a bit with various combinations, and I found out that in my setup both the usage of the shuffle mode and a significant number of files to be played are the key factors.

It also looks like pictures slideshows cause reboots sooner than mp3 files. For example with a folder of about 100 jpgs, reboot happened just after 3-4 minutes from start of playing, while it took about 30 mins before the unit rebooted when playing at “all tracks” leves of my multimedia library (about 10000 songs).

Downgraded to 1.06 and the problem disappeared. Played random photos with random mp3 background for hours yesterday without any issue at all.

So it is likely that 1.07 firmware has a bug somewhere, related to shuffle play mode. Hope it would be fixed soon, as I don’t like not to be able to upgrade to new firmware, that is supposed to improve the performances/fix other issues

I have a ‘trouble ticket’ with WDC at level two support.

Iwait for a firmware fix… and wait, and wait, and wait…