WD Live accesses media server but not network shares

I bought this product to replace my xbox360 bc when the Live is working, it is able to play so many more different file types than the xbox. The problem is that every week to 10 days, the machine will not connect to my computer network shares.

It works and then doesn’t. The settings on the share folder on my my Vista machine do not change but for some reason the network share does not show up, it will not acess it at all. This seems like basic functionality that should work consistently. I have the most up to date firmware.

Is there anything I can do besides trying to reset the wd every time this happens?

have you got more than one computer ?

I’ have I am thinking what is the same problem, I can access files fine via my Windows 7 system when it is running Media Sharing. However if I browse my network it sees all my systems but when I choose the server I am sharing my media files on it says it can not find any media files. Here’s the set up Windows 2003/2008 Domain windows 2003 server hosting the shares with all my media, the WD device will find the 2003 server but sees NOTHING no folders no nothing. Any ideas?

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Does this help?