WD Live 3T Public Folder disappeared

Hi there. 

This is how it started. Got the message from Time machine that the disk was missing. Tried to access it via the Finder and UI. No success. Ok, decided to restart laptop, router and the WD live. Did not help, saw that the public folder with all the data disappeared. in the Finder. Could not still connect via the UI.

Thougth the issues must be with the IP address. OK, it was easy to gueass a new one. Success, connected via the UI. Still no Public folder in Finder. Immidiatelly got the message about the firmware upgrade. thought that will solve now the issue, upgraded… No changes. But now noticed that the Public folder exists in the UI under the SHARES chapter. However with the size of 0 and no real options to see if there is anything inside it. **bleep**…

All my data there is gone for unknown reasons. Total **bleep**.

Please anyone help to get the FOlder back.

If you can access the dashboard then you just need to map the drive. Look for wd quickview icon on the upper right corner of your screen. It would be a black icon. Click it then my booklive choose map.