WD Live 2tb factory restore

I was having problems watching videos via twonky and decided to do the scan. I came up with error. There was about 100gb of data, so I did the quick factory restore and deleted everything, but thought that full factory restore won’t hurt. I started it about 14 hours ago and its on 37% now. Is my WD Live faulty?

Probably not.

From the User Manual:

"In this area of the Settings page, the Administrator can choose a short factory
restore or a full one. The drive loses all information, and the Administrator password
returns to none.

Note: A Quick Factory Restore formats the drive, while a Full Factory Restore
securely erases the drive."

I’m not sure what algoithm WD is using, but depedning on how much data you had on the drive, it could take a long time to securely wipe your data.

Give it time.

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I did the quick restore and it was about 5 min, after that the WD showed no content, after that before the sleep I put on full restore… 36 hours later I have 81% mark. Anybody else thinks it’s OK?