WD LIVE 1TB and Netflix app will not run!

It just stays in a pulsating grey loop!?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I just purchased mine today and right out of the box I did a firmware update then went to sign into Netflix and have the same issue. It has the pulsing loop against a red Netflix screen then goes to a washed out Netflix screen with the pulsing loop and goes no further.


I justed upgraded my firmware to latest version and have the exact same problem.

Youtube will stream.

Seems this might be a known issue that they are working on…hopefully fixed soon :slight_smile:


I tried resetting to factory defaults and got a weird menu.  I can’t see all my videos.  So I decided to format my internal drive and after four hours it is still formating!  Did I really mess it up?  I have everything on another hard drive so I wasn’t worried about losing my stuff but how long does it take to format a 1TB drive?