WD / Linkstation / iTunes - confusing mess

First, I’m an IT professional with 10 years experience, so I thought that buying a NAS and media streaming box wouldn’t be beyond me.

Second - I was wrong. It *is* beyond me.

Is there anyone out there who has a WD Live, a Buffalo Linkstation1tb, and iTunes? 

I ported my iTunes library to the LinkStation, and iTunes from my PC now works with it just fine. The PC is linked to a library at L:/Share/Music/ITunes

What I’ve spent DAYS trying to do is get the WD Live HD box to recognise and play the music, specifically the iTunes playlists that I’ve got.

So far, I’ve worked out that the playlists need to be converted into m3u because the WD Live can’t understand iTunes playlsts. 

I also noted that any playlist I make on my PC and then copy to my NAS will have a bad path, because it will relate to L:/Share/Music, and the WD Live won’t understand what L: is…

With that in mind, I doctored a playlist and changed all the “L:/” entries to ‘//NAS/Share’ to tell the WD Live the right path to the music.

Now, after all that, it STILL refuses to play playlists, and says “there is no media in the folder”. This must mean that the path in the playlist is invalid, but I can’t work out why…

Can anyone shed any light on this, or does anyone have a setup similar to mine where everything actually works? 

(PS - I have neglected to add that the WD box won’t play any of my protected files (i.e. purchased from iTunes) - is there a way around this?) 

Thanks in advance for any help… I am pulling what little hair I have left out over this… 

Additional info: An extract from my playlist is below:

\NAS\Share\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Foo Fighters\The Colour and the Shape (Special Editio\11 Everlong.m4p
\\NAS\Share\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Red Hot Chili Peppers\Greatest Hits\08 By The Way.mp3
\\NAS\Share\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Linkin Park\Hybrid Theory\05 Crawling.mp3
\\NAS\Share\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Weezer\Weezer\01 My Name Is Jonas.mp3
\\NAS\Share\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Kings Of Leon\Only By The Night\08 Notion.m4a


If I paste one of the lines from my playlist into a web-browser on my PC, then the NAS’s built in flash interface plays the files just fine (apart from the m4p files of course), so this tells me the relative path in the playlists is correct?

The playlist paths have to be ROOT related.

In other words, you can’t point to //nasname/share/file for anything.

It has to be …








The WD isn’t smart enough to dynamically mount a share to go looking for a reference in a playlist.

Ok. That doesn’t really make any sense to me because the WD Live is smart enough to use the dynamic mount as a network share. I can play all the songs individually, in the structure they are in, using the WD Live. I just wanted to put my playlists at the top level of the share so I could choose them quickly.

It seems a pretty massive limitation if the WD requires you to have all your files in the root in order to use playlists. I guess I’m not the first person to say that though! 

I didn’t say the files have to be in root.   I said that the REFERENCES to the files must be RELATIVE to root, not a fully qualified URI like what you’re doing.

Try it THIS way:

Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Foo Fighters\The Colour and the Shape (Special Editio\11 Everlong.m4p

Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Red Hot Chili Peppers\Greatest Hits\08 By The Way.mp3

Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Linkin Park\Hybrid Theory\05 Crawling.mp3

Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Weezer\Weezer\01 My Name Is Jonas.mp3

Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Kings Of Leon\Only By The Night\08 Notion.m4a

A leading ‘’ might be required, but I don’t think so.


Ah… sorry about that… Hmm…

I’ll give that a try… 

Also make sure that your m3u-playlist is UTF-8 encoded - otherwise the WD TV Live won’t recognise special characters. Notepad does not support UTF-8 format, you have to use another editor, such as notepad++…

Good luck! 

Ok, this is solved.

Thanks for the advice - it does seem to have been a pathing issue. 

I’m now at a stage where I can export playlists from iTunes in m3u, and then I use wordpad to do a global find / replace, and change “\NAS\Share\Music” to “…\Music” and it seems to work out in WD Live.