WD Link

OK, at my wits end. Every time my WD TV Live SMP is reset over my network (wifi), my WD Link software nor will my Windows 7 laptop (connected wifi) detect the SMP. I can only suspect that the wifi is the issue with detection between the usb connected HDD on the SMP and my laptop. I know a hard connection is no issue and my laptop will detect the WDTV Live PLUS connecte to the router over wired connection whenever that player is turned on.

I’m not talking about the WD TV SMP detecting shared folders, I am talking about the PC detecting the HDD that is connected to the SMP. Any help is greatly appreciated.

SMP is running latest firmware: 1.15.10 and the IP address shows but I can’t get windows to pick it up.

If I have understood your problem correctly I am guessing themodem/router gives the WDTV SMP a different ip address when it ‘resets’.  I have 2 WDTV SMP’s attached to my network and I have given them a ‘set’ address in the modem router so the address now remains the same.  One is set to and the other  Meanwhile my PC is

I can now have two icons on my PC desktop which allows me to easily access either attached hard drive via the WDTV SMP’s set ip address.