Wd link v1.0.3 wont find any wdtvs

i am using win 7 64bit pro and i have 1 live hub and the live gen3 on this computer it wont find anything! but on my second computer running win 7 32bit i detect both units! i tried all version of wd link from v1.0.1 to the current v1.0.3 but will not work at all i’m using the same router for both systems with the same firewall settings. can anybody help me out i really want to connect with this 64bit system. sometimes they do show up in my computer under network but not all times. when they do show up i cant transfer some files before losing the connection to them.

Be sure that both the media players and the WDTV have the same workgroup name, you can also try setting up a static IP for both.

they both have the same workgroup name. according to the name that my computer displays, and what both the wdtv unit also states.

come on now please help me out. is there anybody out there running win 7 pro 64bit with no problem running this? i have no problem on my 32bit win 7 compyters i have 2 of them and only 1 64bit and its only the one 64bit computer that it wont detect anything at all! so please help me out their might be a bug in the program for 64bit quad cpu with 8gb of memory! their must be some decent people out there that could offer some aid! i first started thisnow a over a week ago and only two responeded to9 my help! their must be other people that atleast can help out with my problem! or is everybody dont care at all?

Hey mate,

With all due respect, perhaps they just don’t know the answer. Have you try to reach WD directly for support?

i tried and i.m still waiting for an answer from them now that i asked oover a year ago!