WD Link not seeing Hub

Got home yesterday to a fried router… Bought a new one today (Lynksys EA3500) but now WD Link won’t see my WD Hub… see my MBL just fine…  and both show up on my laptop as Network locations…

Little help?  

Try to map the WD Hub manually using the IP number.

And how does one do that?  

On Windows XP click on Start/Run/and enter \“Your WDTV IP” so it should look something like \, on Windows Vista/7 click on start and on the search box enter \“Your WDTV IP”, then right click on the folder that you would like to Map and click on “map network drive”.

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Or even easier… because Network saw it but not Computer (win 7)

I removed the old entry in Computer…  I right clicked on the Hub entry under Network… selected “Map Drive”

It even selected the old drive letter… bamph, easy peasy

Thanks for your help, “Alucard”