WD Lifeguard did a scan on my 1TB HDD passport and found 0 of 0 sectors

So my WD 1TB HDD Passport started clicking and became undetectable so I ran WD Lifeguard on the drive using full scan which finished in 1 second and showed 0 of 0 sectors scanned. Lifeguard also says SMART is not available for the drive

Not sure how if it was undetectable you were able to select it in the WD Lifeguard program and run any test. But, I’d leave the Passport plugged in (USB) and cold boot your machine. Then, go into Disk Management, and see if it shows up there. If it doesn’t, try another USB cable and cold boot again. Still no luck? Try another machine. If still no luck, because of the clicking sound, I’d suspect the Passport has gone bad.
I had a My Book go bad within eight months, and WD was very good about replacing it.
I’m now running both that My Book and a My Passport.