WD - Legacy Theme

Here is the theme incase anyone else wants it and doesn’t want to download the 600 mb source.

WD - Legacy Theme


You will need winrar to extract it. You can find that at the following site.


The “Legacy Theme” is contained in all GPL Packages.


Download, Extract, and look for it in …

RV_3.03.13_G\RV_3.03.13_G\src\libs\RES_RV folder.

(if you download other packages, then the RV_  number will be that Firmware)


is the theme called resource ? I have 2 folders


Contains the following 2 folders



what files do i need to have the fancy blue legacy theme ?

Thanks for your time.

The “Legacy Theme” files are located In the " resource" folder…

Create a Folder … call it " Legacy"  then Copy the entire " image" and " screenshot" folders into it.

Then, open the " xml" folder and copy all the XML files into your created " Legacy" Folder.

Then upload just the Legacy folder to your Hub.

Contents should look like this …

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