WD LAB can not reproduce the Match Framerate Bug in 1.06.15 - Help needed -

I am really confused now.

I just got my Support Ticket back from WD that they cannot reproduce the Match Framerate Bug in FW 1.06.15 .


Problem:  Match Framerate isnt working at all anymore. All Videos are played either 720p or 1080 60 HZ 

no matter the resolution / Framerate

So i please everyone who also have that issue write to the Support.

They do not seem to have read the Firmware Thread here or got any Issues forwarded by the Community Managers so far. They asked me if this is happening with all kinda cables HDMI and so on and Infos on which Movies this is happening.

I did write them that many people have that Problem and also guided to the FW Thread the last time before i got the Ticket back today.

I really wonder …

How can WD not reproduce the MF Bug in 1.06.15 if we all have it ?

I will send them some Media info Logs now of course .

Honestly ill do mediainfo logs of all availabel media since its happening with everything …

So it would be awesome if people would use the Support Frontend and report the BUG directly.


Just a theory.

The WDTVs have a history of issues with certain brands of TVs.

The majority of these issues come from how the WDTV’s interpret the TV’s EDID data.

*MY* TV won’t do 1080p24 match frame-rate anymore, and if I try to manually set the HDMI to 1080p24, it tells me my TV doesn’t support it.

So, chances are, the WDTV “Helpdesk” is not having an issue with the hardware they have to test with.

They won’t have NEARLY as many TV’s as the WD Labs do, so they won’t be able to reproduce most issues.

You’ll just have to keep pressing on them, and, as you suggest, ask other people to file reports.