WD is trying to help

I entered a support request with issues relating to the firmware update. They have called me back, spent two hours on the phone and are replacing the unit. They seem to want to know what is going on.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. Please report back if you have any issues.

i’ve done tech support …

to find the head company released an update/patch that caused problems in near 100% of affected units (every machine the patch went to) has you more than wondering what quality control was done before they started updates… or what the thinking was to continue releasing the patch after problems are identified.

leaves the tech support agents fumbling, then “we are collecting data, as soon as we have a fix that will be sent out” (so no need to contact affected people to let them know things have been addressed)

WD tries hard since January 2014, but latest firmware is worse than all before… :angry:  :confounded:

Sam.Miller wrote:

WD tries hard since January 2014, but latest firmware is worse than all before… :angry:  :confounded:

Several weeks passed without WD giving a hint about the probable delay for next firmware fix.

Imho very poor software management and lack of respect towards paying customers.

I agree with a lot of the comments about the firmware being pushed out without thorough testing but I find the support agents, in general, to be very professional and dedicated to resolving the issues. I must admit that I wasn’t very confident after contacting 1st line support, the steps they took my through to determine the problems was a little haphazard and showed lack of ability/training. As soon as I was handed over to second line then this all changed. [Deleted], from Holland, took ownership of my problem. He quickly determined that the drive was inaccessible after the firmware update. He organised an advance replacement from Hungary, which arrived two days later. He furnished me with instructions on how to return my faulty drive and called me at every stage of the process. He was still confident that the v4 firmware hadn’t shown any of the problems I was having, so I upgraded the replacement drive to v04.00.00-607 and experienced the drive slowdown transfer rates from 60-70Mbps on v03.04.01-219 firmware to 0 -7Mbps on v04.00.00-607 firmware and time outs during transfer. (I have two MyCloud drives and a MyBook live so I can directly compare the differences in speed with different firmwares). I reported back to second line, asking about rolling back the firmware, and received this reply …


I am confident that WD development are working hard to resolve the issues and that they will release an update as soon as possible, but I also understand that this time they will be taking no chances of releasing it without adequate testing. I think this issue has been an embarrassment to them.

On a personal level I would like to take this opportunity of thanking [Deleted] personally for they way he has dealt with me and my problem, it gives me heart so see that some companies still put their customers at the forefront of their business.

I can’t believe you upgraded the firmware of the replacement unit. **bleep**?

paulfe wrote:
I can’t believe you upgraded the firmware of the replacement unit. **bleep**?