Wd is loosing partition, it is normal for wd passport?

when my pc goes into sleep mode, for example, when the battery falls, and at the same time is in use … wd lose the partition, the drive locks up and I lose access to data. Is this normal? In my other portable drive such a thing does not happend.

It is normal _ only if _ you have an active Password, the security is activated at the very second the drive is no longer communicating with the computer, whichever the reason.

If you want to disable the Password, you can go to Smartware> Settings> Drive Settings (Settup Drive)> Security.

If you don’t have a Password, then your drive my friend, may be having issues.

Hope it helps =)

i dont have password

and after this I can format disc again but when Im putting my pc into sleep mode and in the same time Im doing something on wd… he block again… and… format again…


What drive is it? Are you able to share the model? o.o

Like… A Passport Essential or Studio?

wd passport studio 320

OS? (XP, Vista, 7, OSX, Linux?)


any idea?

? ? ?

I see that it was difficult question … as usual … :frowning:


This is a very difficult question.  I can think of a lot of ways that sleep might be working strangely and lead to data loss, but that shouldn’t cause the drive to lose it’s partition table.  :neutral_face:

The first thing I recommend is to run SmartWare, go to the Settings tab, click on Set Up Drive, then click on Diagnostics. Run the SMART status and Quick Drive Tests, and if they complete without problems, plan to run the Complete Drive Test (this may take several hours). Let me know what the results are because you may need to replace the Passport.