WD Internal WD200AAKS Not spinning up

I have a 320 gb WD Caviar WD3200AAKS mfg. date of March 3, 2008.  This was the main internal drive received with a Dell computer about 2 years ago.  Drive had been working fine until a few days ago when out of no where the blue screen of death came up and the computer shut down.  Upon restart the message was drive was bad.  I pulled the drive from the system and installed a new drive with no problems.  Put the “bad” drive in a external box so I could listen closely.  It tries to spin up 3 times and then just stops.  Won’t power up the rest of the way and of course not seen by the system.  Any thoughts?  Logic board change perhaps?  It might be difficult to find a logic board from an indentical drive with the exact same mfg. date.

Logic board replacement can only be done by specialists. Even identical drives have boards that are tightly coupled to that individual drive for some hardware reason I can no longer recall.  I work with someone who tried it.

There are recovery companies that operate on a no-win,no-pay basis - there’s one in Germany for example - if you really need that data back. Can’t find any URL’s in my notes, sorry.