WD Icloud and Ipad Pro connect

Hi Everyone

I have a large number’s of Music collections in my Simple WD Hard disk. Recently I have purchased IPAD PRO.

I want to know if I buy WD My Cloud, there is any way that I can connect it with IPAD PRO and browse my all music and edit them easily?
If someone know the best solutions for this editing my all music. i want to make it through IPAD Pro.

Let me know

Thanks everyone

The Ipad will be able to access the My Cloud via the use of the My Cloud app for iOS.

For local access to the My Cloud any file manager app for the iOS that can access network drives should be able to access the My Cloud.

You may want to take some time to read through the My Cloud User Manual to learn how the My Cloud works and its features/options.

Absolutely is a way. Just download the User Manual for the My Cloud you want to purchase from the WD Support website at wdc.com. All you need to know about using the My Cloud is in there.