WD Hub with 2Tb


Is it possible to replace the internal hdd with another 2.5" SATA of 2Tb?

The Mochi OS is on the hdd or in the ROM?


The hub’s OS which is its firmware is in its flash memory not in the hard drive so I think you can replace the hard drive although currently 1TB is the maximum for 2.5 in. hard drive unless there is a new release that I’m not aware of.


SATA 2Tb 2.5 will come soon. I’ve found the information saying that Samsung just made 1 TB Single Platter Disc, and Hard Drives have up to 4 Platters. I’m wondering if for the Hub should be WD or any SATA…


It won’t let you put another manufacturer’s drive in there.   It must be supported by the firmware, and at a minimum, must be a Western Digital brand drive…