WD Hub - Not finding Network "Network Shares"

Ok,  I have had a WD Live and two (2) WD Hubs for one year now.  I have been using Windows XP and I have loved the media players.  We have never any major issues with the WD media players…until now.  Yesterday our Windows XP crashed.  I am now using our Windows 7 (laptop) as my main computer until the other comes back.  I am having troubles getting the media players to find the shared folders through “Network Shares”.   When I go to Videos, Select Content Source, Network Shares - it says “No Storage Present”.  When I select “Media Server”, my PC is showing up.

-The workgroups are all the same.

-I can see the WD media players on the Windows 7 Network.

-The WDs are all showing up as computers and media devices on the Network

-“Advanced Sharing Settings”

      - Network Discovery  - “Turn on netwok discovery”

      - File and Printing Sharing - “Turn on file and printing sharing”

      - Public Folder Sharing - “Turn on …”

      - Media Streaming in ON.

      - File Sharing connections - “Use 128-bit…”

      - Password Protect Sharing - “Turn off…”

      - HomeGroup Connections - “Allow Windows…”

-All folder are “Shared”

I don’t know what else to do, please help!!



See if this tutorial for troubleshooting helps: