WD HUB + Logitech Revue for anyone who cares

I bought a Logitech Revue for $100 to compliment the Hub because I wanted the internet experience on the same screen. The Revue works well with the Hub, the Hub acts as my main tv source and the Revue overlay screen works smoothly on the same screen.

I haven’t tried to program the Hub remote to the Revue keyboard yet.

I can post some video of the screen overlay if anyone is interested.

**bleep** this sounds like exactly what I needed!  I love the hub but wanted basic internet access on my big TV so I ended up buying a laptop (will have no other real use for it) with HDMI out for 500 bucks, ugh.  Also bought a wireless keyboard.

How do you like the chrome browser on the Revue?  Can you make bookmarks and save website passwords like you can on a computer or is it pretty basic?

This sounds pretty darn good! I’d love to see MORE!

The Chrome browser works great, not quite as fast as a pc, but it runs smoothly. Yes, you can bookmark and it automatically saves passwords. You can subscribe to podcast and create a queue to listen or watch later. Google is supposed to release Android 3.1 Honeycomb soon for smart tvs and from what I read the OS is more efficient and makes the Revue run faster.

Since I’ve use the Hub with with the Revue, the menu for Netflix has improved with a better flow to the main menu screen.


I’ll upload some video soon.

And of course WD moderator will block a valid image transmitted from the Hub.:angry:

If you upload a picture from your computer (or Hub), a moderator needs to approve it before we can see it.  We’ll be able to see it when they get around to approving it (presumably tomorrow).

Or, you could upload to a hosting site.

OK, thanks for the info RoofingGuy.

  1. I noticed that Pandora for the Revueis not as good as the Hub. There’s commercials in between songs sometimes.
  2. The Revue will not reconize my 3TB external drive through it’s USB ports, but it see the 3TB drive through the Hub.
  3. There’s no control from the wireless keyboard on the Revue to control the Hub.:angry:
  4. Logitech customers are just as frustrated with firmware releases as WD customers are.


I’m also using a 3TB drive and I’m no issues.  I’m streaming movies in my bed room now (from the WDTV LIVE Hub)!!!   The Revue see my entire network.  The only problem I have is playing sound on all of my movies.  Streaming is flawless…no stutter.


Here’s a video link:


Sorry about some of the blurriness and the camera angle, I recorded it around 4am and I was trying not to wake anyone up.

I’m still getting use to the trackpad on the keyboard, so the lag is user related.:wink:

Another link just in case your browser is not .F4V compatible: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku4RkdoJVOQ