WD Hub is putting on standby alone


I have bought a WD Live Hub some months ago. It worked very well…  For some days, there is a problem.

Sometimes, the player is putting on standy and switching on again without any reasons. It’s very random…

Are there people who have the same problem ? Where do this problem come from ??

Sorry for my bad english, it’s not my mother tongue.

Thank you in advance.


Someone ?

not having this issue…

when did this started happening?

did you try the usual : update or rollback if problem after the firmware 

It happened for some weeks ago…

The problem is happening  with the new firmware and was also happening with the old firmware.

Do you think that format it is a solution ?

I know that when I have power outages in my area as soon as the power comes back on the Hub automatically powers on as well regardless of whether it was in standby mode or completely off. 

It’s not a power outages…

It happened still this afternoon. When the problem is coming, the media player is stopping and switching on twice…It’s very strange!

It seems to be a power issue. If you’re under warranty, try to get a high level tech to help you out. But before doing so, try the following.

Shut down the device by holding the Power button on the remote for 3 seconds. Leave it plugged in and see if it starts randomly turning on. 
If the unit is completely off, and you unplug the AC adapter, then plug it back in, the unit will power on. 
Check your AC outlet, switches, etc. Check to see if your outlet or adapter is loose. Try another outlet without any extention cords. Goodluck!

Ok I’ll try that. Thank you for the help!

Edit : When I shut down the device by holding the Power button on the remote for 3 seconds, it shuts down then the WD logo is appearing and then the media player shut down and switch on again. Is it normal ?

No it is not normal. If you hold the Power button on the remote control for 3+ seconds, it should completely Power down and you should not see the WD Logo light. If you go close to the unit, you should not hear the Fan running.

If you press the power button once and let it go, it goes into Standby and the WD Logo light should also turn off but if you go behind the unit, you will see that your Network light will still be on. This means the unit can share files across the network while it is in “sleep” mode.

What you are experiencing is a power problem due to hardware fault either within the WDTV, the AC power input, or the adapter itself. It could also be a faulty power outlet. Use a wall outlet or a good power strip. T-Plugs etc tend to come loose and will disrupt the power. Avoid Tplugs, and make sure your power outlets are Grounded as well.  

Ok ok I think it’is because I’m using a plug switch so I have to use a wall plug… More, I have two plug switches to the wall so more chances to have problems…

Thank you!