WD Hub Gigabit speed?


I have a WD Hub with 1 TB HDD connected directly to a Gigabit Router (Motorola with 4 LAN Gigabit ports) and computer (Dell 9100 core i7 / 16GB ram / SSD / Gigabit network) linked togheter and I get 9 - 10Mb/s transfer speed.

This is definitely very poor, I get 30 - 40 transfer speed when copy from HDD to external USB2 and 200 Mb/s transfer speed when copy from SSD to SSD.

I can transfer to my NAS1 (Buffalo Terastation Raid 5) at 39 Mbs and to my iOmega NAS Raid 0 at 73 Mbs.

I’m wondering why I get only 10mb/s of transfer speed to the WD Hub device. Any advice will be appreciated. I already test by removing all devices and use only the PC and WD Hub into the switch. Cables are short certified Cat6 cables.



Couple above comments with the fact that the 2.5"" HD in the Hub is the slowest one WD makes:  5200 rpm.  This may or may not also affect the slowness. Dunno.

useless response.

Well you seem to know a lot about it, look at it this way.

You are sending the file from a high spec PC to a crappy chip set PC, its called a bottleneck. Simple. How much was the PC compared to the box etc…the chip set is designed to trans code video/audio. There are plenty of threads about it, if you can’t be bothered to read them, then yours is a useless responce as well.

What I mean with “useless response” is i do not want to read lot of threads about other related issues with Gigabit connections. I just want a reponse directly related with my issue, for example: you need to upgrade your firmware to x.x version, you can only get x speed, the internal HDD only support x speed, etc etc.

I created the message because I see other people getting 30 - 40MB speed, so I don’t understand why my max speed is 12. This is really weird (or a bug with this unit). even a 5400 rpm disk can transfer more than that, I think.

cubanomx wrote:

What I mean with “useless response” is i do not want to read lot of threads about other related issues with Gigabit connections. I just want a reponse directly related with my issue.

Here’s another useless response:  You want everyone else to do your research.

Sorry, that’s your problem.

The link above had answers to your question in almost every one of the threads.

And no, you’ve never seen anyone say (correctly, at least) that they get 30-40MB to any WDTV device.

First of all I really appreciate your time to provide solutions to other users. I don’t want people out there to make a research for me, I just want someone to share ideas, comments and solutions to my problem. This is what I do in several another forums like Tomshardware, Sharkyextreme, OCZ, Panasonic Cameras, etc etc.

Before creating this post, i read LOT of messages from this forums, trying to figure it out the slow gigabit speed on file transfers.

Your response was a limited “gigabit seach” in the forum, and this is why I considere the response useless, because I don’t want to read posts and posts again, I just want to see if someone have a direct response according to my network / pc enviroment.

Anyway, I re-read more on one of the links you provide and found the bootleneck issue in the internal hardware of the device is the culprit of this low transfer rate. There is nothing I can do, other than upgrade firmware, but I see other posts indicating upgrade firmware is even worst (12mb transfer downs to 6mn transfer).

Actually I perhaps RMA this device because the unit do not detect the HDD in the first 5 minutes is turned ON and hangs when I try to delete a folder or file.