WD! How about new Security Certificate for EX4?

On my EX4 Security Certificate expired on feb 2020. How about new Security Certificate for EX4?

For My Book Live or Duo WD made Security Certificate but not for EX-Series.

May I copy and use Security Certificate from issue above for my EX4?
Also I have PR4100 with Security Certificate till 08/15/2030. May I use this Security Certificate???

Sufficiently just replace old Security Certificate in /usr/local/orion/openvpnclient and /usr/local/modules/localorion/openvpnclient on EX4, or it impossible so need release new firmware for new sertificate???

@Sergei0 please ensure that your My Cloud EX4 is on the most recent firmware release 2.12.127 released January 2019. The My Cloud devices check for a new cert every morning around 12:30 AM so ensure that your device remains online overnight with full internet access.

Another option would be to turn off UPnP at the router forcing your My Cloud devices into Relay Mode or Quick or Full Factory Restore the My Cloud EX4 at the dashboard.

Of course I use last firmware for my EX4 (2.12.127)
Can you show me your My Cloud box security certificate?

On my EX4 I have now this:

Subject Name 
Common Name debian_lenny

Issuer Name
Common Name debian_lenny

Not Before 2/12/2010, 4:06:36 AM (Moscow Standard Time)
Not After 2/10/2020, 4:06:36 AM (Moscow Standard Time)

Public Key Info
Algorithm RSA
Key Size 1024
Exponent 65537

Serial Number 00:CB:AD:AC:ED:80:EB:14:5D
Signature Algorithm SHA-1 with RSA Encryption
Version NaN

SHA-256 8D:FC:DD:A8:3D:FC:CB:8E:84:41:EA:E9:9F:6F:EF:C8:67:40:CE:11:CA:25:9A:16:DF:F2:92:9E:87:E3:D8:01
SHA-1 28:18:50:5D:0E:CD:6C:62:59:67:F5:C1:34:08:B8:70:3F:C7:4C:FB