WD HDD not shutting down with WDTV Live

Gday! i just upgraded from a Sony media player to a WD TV live and am used to the WB my book 1.5 HDD shutting down completely with the Sony turned off. the same HDD,connected to the rear usb, does not shut down when turning off the WDTV, the frt lights are on all the time. i have a 2nd HDD, Seagate 2TB, attached to the frt and it shuts down just fine. ne thoughts?

Love the machine, beats the snot outta the Sony - only flaw i can see so far with the WDTV is that it freezes up with headerless files but thats on me to fix the files properly - might be nice for WD to fix the issue - wish us luck. :wink:

The WD has two modes of shutdown. Quickly press the red power button on the remote and it’ll go into standby, hold the button down for 5 seconds and release and it’ll go into full shutdown and power down any attached drives.