WD HDD not recognised

I bought the my passport a week ago and when i plugged it .The pc wasn’t recognizing it. 1

)It doesnt show itself on disk management

2)a pop up message appears when plugged in saying the DISK HAS TO BE FORMATTED by windows.But it doesnt formats

3)The disk shows itself in my computer but as RAW format

4)I’ve used partition managers,data recovery softs,testdisk also but no help.The drive doesnt shows up in softwares.

5)Also tried on diffirent computers as well as different or all usb ports.

6)When i plugged it to my tv it got displayed properly.

Reply as soon as possible. Thank You

Im using Win7(x86(32bit)) and its a desktop


The majority of the time that windows asks to format a drive and the drive after formatted is still non recognized is recommended to replace the drive. The drive may have either data corruption or a lot of bad sectors.

You can test the drive with TestDiskto see if that software can repair the damaged the drive may have

If not contact WD to replace it.

how it gets detected on my LG  TV.but not on my pc.Also tried testdisk but no use.The drive is fine coz i can see the files when i connect it to my TV