WD HDD heads click a few times in its place then shuts off


I have an old SD 500gb HDD that didn’t react at all. (WD500AAKS) and wanted to save the data from.
I replaced the ‘power print board’ (don’t know the official name) with 1 I had lying around that worked.
The harddisk spins up again, it clicks about 15 times with its heads and then it shuts off.

After a few minutes, I hear windows recognizing the HDD, spins up again, makes clicking noises and powers down again

The heads dont’ move to the platter but stay in place.

So what could be the problem?

I know i’ve replaced the printboard with a slightly different model (WD500AAKX) and this has lower power settings
WD500AAKS: 5VDC–0.68A, 12VDC --0.55A
WD500AAKX: 5VDC–0.65A, 12VDC–0,50A

Is this the problem?
Please advise so i can rescue this old thing!
Thanks :smiley:


Please refer to the following KBA article: Error

Here the link above had some extra at the end stoping it from working

this link works Check Drive for Errors or Failure on Windows and macOS

I think your looking for the name PCB Printed circuit board (PCB) instead of ‘power print board’ I am unclear if you got it to work or after you replaced the PCB board. From what I understand and someone please correct me if I am wrong anyone!! you need to find the same PCB numbered board and replace the u12 chip that holds all your parameters and configure for your drive in order to recover.